The court satisfies a crucial function in the lawful system. You are entitled to be tried by jury unless the supposed offence is a small one or one that is being attempted in the Special Bad Guy Court.Nevertheless, a court is not called for in every legal instance. There will certainly be a jury in some civil situations such as character assassination and also assault situations. Nevertheless, for most civil cases such as accidents actions and also family law cases, there is no court – it is the court that decides the end result.   The jury contains 12 members of the general public which sit in a box away of the judge.

Jury Members List

JURY Jury member President HOWARD GREEN South Africa Jury member Secretary DR ANDREW CHEUNG Hong Kong The Final International Jury will comprise 33 Jurors and 3 Apprentice Jurors as per the list below: Jury Management Name Honorary President Surajit Gongvatana Senior Consultant Tay Peng Hian RDP President Howard Green Vice President Bernard Beston Jury Secretary Andrew Cheung Assistant Jury Secretary Cedric Roché Assistant Jury Secretary Ms. Jasmine Soh Country Juror Australia Bernard Beston Charles Bromser Gary Brown Malcolm Groom China David Lu Jiao Xiao Guang Zhang Weiwei Chinese Taipei Michel Ho Hong Kong Malcolm Hammersley Andrew Cheung India Yogesh Kumar Indonesia A Ryantori Japan Yosuke Naito (Apprentice Juror) Korea Kim Chang Han Malaysia V Senthinathan Tan Chee Hui Nepal Shyam P Pradhan New Zealand Normal Banfield Singapore Lim Sa Bee Tan Ngiap Chuan Tay Peng Hian Yau Khai Weng Ms.