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According to the information officer of the stamp show dance choreography is going to be part of the entertainment for this year stamp show that is scheduled to start before the end of the year.

He comments, “South Africa is a country that has people who love to dance. Dance is also part of our culture and it’s a pleasure for us to make dance a priority for this year entertainment. A variety of dancing styles are going to be on show and we would like to invite various dance groups to take part in this event.”

He added, “South Africa is a country that has freedom of expression and dance is an art form of expression hence a variety of dancing genres will be given a platform to showcase individuals dancing talent. We have individuals that have shown that one can create a successful career out of dancing. For instance dancer choreography Somizi Mhlongo.”

He mentioned that he was aware of the effort that dancers put in to master the steps, moves and routines. Michael Johnson, a dancer comments, “Dance classes are beneficial and have a positive impact on the well-being of the body. It’s a form of exercising that is fun for both young and the old.With a variety of dance styles available in Johannesburg offered in private or group’s setups people can choose their preferences from Latin, hip pop, sokkie, salsa, ballroom, ballet among other dance styles.”

Johnson added, “Dancing makes you happy it reduces stress because when you do the dance moves endorphins are released. Endorphins are happy hormones that trigger positive reactions by reducing the amount of pain felt.” He noted that dancing is a good form of doing aerobic exercises. “Oxygen is used more when performing, dancing makes the breathing rate to increase thus keeping the heart healthy. Your heart becomes strengthened.

The information officer of the stamp show added, “Dance studio choreography Lessons conducted by coaches will also be available. Free adult hip-hop dance choreography classes will be on offer, dance studios to market themselves and the dancing services they have on offer.”

Peter Miser, a dance coach, added, “Many people also lose weight due to dancing. However, one must adhere to a strict diet to get major results. People with poor body language show improvements after dancing over long periods.

They become much more confident and more social especially those who attend group, classes. They come out of their shells. Dancing also tones the muscles by working your lower back, abdomen, back upper body and back. However, the toning of certain parts of your body depends on the type of dance routine that you are doing.”

The information of the stamp show added, “Dancing is going to be a major part of the entertainment this year. We already have the cream da cream of dance groups as well as solo acts that have confirmed that they would like to take part in this event. The entertainment is going to be exclusive, random and exciting.”

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